BB, CC, DD, EE the alphabet book of creams

BB CC DD EE crèmes

You probably know the BB, CC and DD creams described as miracle products … Now the EE creams have entered the market. To help you find your way here’s a little explanation on the different creams:  Continue Reading →

5 beauty recipes against dark spots with lemon

recette citron tâches sombres peau noire

Over- secretion of melanin is known to cause dark spots.   Here are five homemade recipes with lemon to get rid of dark spots on the face. Those remedies take a while to work but in the end they are worth it :

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Hyperpigmentation: the scourge of black skin

hyperpigmentation dark skin

One of the main problems of black skin, which prevents us from having a flawless complexion are dark spot caused by what is known as hyperpigmentation.

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