How to determine your skin type

You are struggling to find the right skincare product because you don’t know what your skin type is? Here is a test that will help you determine your skin type:


1. The morning after waking up, I wash my face with my usual cleanser, fingertips, without rubbing.


2. I rinse with lukewarm water, neither too hot nor too cold, I wipe dabbing without rubbing 3. I do not put moisturizer or cream. 4. After an hour, I apply  a paper towel on the entire face.

I observe net fat trademarks appear throughout the towel. My pores are dilated above the middle zone (nose, forehead, chin). I have some spots occasionally when I’m tired or during menstruation. ► My skin does not pull. My skin is oily.

I feel uncomfortable and my skin feels tight. My skin is oily and dehydrated. Net fat trademarks only appear on the middle zone (forehead, nose, chin). My pores are barely visible on her cheeks, visible on the middle. ► My skin is mixed.

My pores are dilated over entire face. I have spots on a regular basis. ► My skin is oily with acne-prone.

Net fat trademarks appear lightly on the entire towel. My pores are tight, barely visible across the face. ► My skin is normal.

There are no traces of fat. I feel uncomfortable, my skin feels tight. My pores are tight, barely visible across the face. ► My skin is dry.

If irritation, buttons, friction produces dark spots. ► My skin tends to hyperpigmented.


GENERALLY: Black women tend to have oily skin. There are exceptions. Regarding facials, women’s needs evolve following periods of the year. The skin is very sensitive to external factors such as season, food or the type of climate. It is difficult to define a single type of skin per person. Indeed, a woman with oily skin may also have sensitive skin, while a woman with dry skin can be prone to acne. Similarly, the skin may be dry on one part of the face, oily in others.

Quick TEST  for you: Your skin type is that for which you have received the most positive responses. Normal to Oily Skin: Your skin is it prone to pimples, blackheads and / or white buttons? Do you have enlarged pores? Have your face shiny, particularly on the median zone (forehead / nose / chin), after waking up? Your foundation he tends not to take / dissipate after a few hours?

NORMAL TO DRY SKIN Have your skin tingle or tugs, especially after cleansing or facial cleansing? Do you have rough skin, which peels off, peeling or redness present, areas uncomfortable? Have you had acne as a teenager? Your skin is it sensitive to sun, wind and / or cold? Your complexion is it dull?

MIXED SKIN Do you have dry cheeks while the middle zone (forehead / nose / chin) is rather oily or prone to breakouts? Do you have oily skin or prone to buttons at the contours of the face, but dry in other parts of the face? The products are suitable for a part of your face, they are also adapted to other parts of your face? SKIN hyperpigmented Do you have dark spots persist after small imperfections, pimples or a rash? Freckles do they appear when exposed to sunlight? Your skin. Did moles dark? PROVIDE checkboxes ► If more than 3 boxes ticked type of skin type ► If less than 3 cases in each type of combination skin

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