Black skins are more resilient to sun but  must be protected.

And yes, black women can also get sunburn.

The sun is not safe because it can cause hyperpigmentation of black skin.

What type of sunscreen should I use?

Choose a light cream with a minimum SPF20 protection.

For skin with spots, use a minimum SPF 30 protection.

Sunscreens should be avoided too thick that leave white marks on the face.

How often use sunscreen?

Apply sunscreen frequently, about every two hours, especially after sweating, swimming or toweling.

After peeling: wait at least three weeks before leaving on holiday or being exposed to strong sunlight and use a good sunscreen.

If you follow a treatment against acne, avoid exposure to sunlight.



For oily and combination skin use a light cream or a fluid without fragrance or alcohol.


Hydrance optimale UV light SPF20


For normal and combination skins, this fluid leaves the skin light and matified, it both protects and moisturizes the skin against  UVB and UVA rays.

High protection cleanance solaire SPF30


For blemish-prone skins, cleanance solaire has  Avène thermal spring water soothing and anti-irritant effects.

Water resistent, without paraben, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic,it protects the skin against UVA  and UVB rays rays while matifying the skin.

Fluide Protecteur Face Kibio SPF 30


Water resistant, it protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays.

Lightly tinted, its formula neutralizes the “white skin” of mineral suncream.

Like all Kibio solar range, this fluid is made up by tamaru oil with regenerating and soothing effects which give a protection against the sun.


Couvrance compact foundation cream*SPF30

For sensitive dark skin, this cream,this cream correct severe flaws with a high camouflage power.Its texture leave the skin matte.


Choose a light and moisturizing cream fragrance and alcohol free.

High protection cream Avène SPF30


Water resistent, this cream protects and moisturizes sensitive and dry skins.

Fluide protecteur body SPF20 Kibio


Protective fluid, not oily, to use after applying moisturizing cream.



After sun repair care Avène


Hypoallergenic et non-comedogenic, this after sun moisturizes, calms heating sensations and restores sensitive skins after exposure to the sun.

Apply to the face and body after a day inthe sun or after the shower.

After sun soothing and moisturizing milky cream Kibio


This milky cream sooth and moisturize face and body.



Spray thermal spring water


Well known for its soothing and anti-irritant effects, this spray provide a sensation of relief, comfort and well-being under hot weather.

Ideal for face and body, you can also use it for scalp.

Trick: to fix makeup
Apply powder on the face, then spray it. Dry your skin with a tissue and apply powder again.

Test results on the return of Miss BB sunny vacation.

*More explanation in next post.

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  1. This article is great. I think people of colour need to realise that although your skin is of a brown complexion you still need protection from the UV rays. Another thing is that you should always apply your spf 20 minutes before going into the sun and ensure your spf product is mineral oil free as that triggers breakouts as it blocks pores.

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