Get the look of @The_Real_IMAN with @IMANcosmetics

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Focus on the eye makeup from Iman retro chic look


1. Using a sponge, apply cream foundation lightly powdered (colour Earth 2 for Miss BB)
2. Apply the corrector “corrective concealer” in the pit of the eye color by tapping (colour Earth for Miss BB)
3. Add the pressed powder to set and matify the complexion.



1. Apply black ebony pencil at eyelid, and then degrade it with a brush.
2. Using a brush, degrade  the black eyeshadow starting from the lash to the upper eyelid. Apply it at the lash of the lower eyelid.
3. Add the lightest color from the “eye-con kit golden romance” on the brow bone and on the inner corner of the eye by degrading slightly outward.
4. Apply black mascara on top and bottom
5. Redraw the eyebrows with the dark brown pencil



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