Purify your body with birch sap

seve de bouleau

Need to purify his body ? Get rid of toxins this winter with birch sap. This powerful natural detoxing drains and regenerates the body gently . It is used in treatment, preferably in the spring, to purify the body of toxins accumulated during the winter but also during the year whenever a drainage is necessary.

What is birch sap?

The use of birch sap goes way back before the Middle Ages and great doctors of the era were praised in their treaties of plants and medicines. It was called the tree of wisdom. The species most commonly used are birch Betula Alba ( Betula verrucosa ) or Betula Pubescent. In the Nordic countries (Scandinavia, Canada, …) , the properties of birch are recognized in France.

Birch sap is a living liquid, very clear, like fresh  water, bland, slightly sweet .
After a few days of rest sap troubled by the appearance maleate calcium and calcium phosphate , which is caused by the fermentation and biochemical changes it undergoes.
His condition does not remain stable for a long time and, moreover , because it contains sugar , it ferments and becomes acidic and must be kept refrigerated to stay fresh .
Freezing the fresh sap allows its use throughout the year, but changes its physical state.
The treatment of birch sap was more or less forgotten, because it is difficult at present to find on the market birch sap that is 100% pure. Accordingly, that which is commonly found in commerce , generally widely diluted ( at least 10 % , often much more) in admixture with other products .
The sap is harvested in the spring , when it was mounted and before the buds open.

What are the benefits of birch sap?


It would have a cleansing property, it drains toxins .
It acts on the kidneys , it releases the crystal retention , helps to reduce the concentration of uric acid, which is good for the joints.
It reduces water retention and helps eliminate cellulite , it improves skin disorders (eczema, dry patches, rosacea, …. ).
It stimulates the liver and helps reduce cholesterol.
It has a strengthening action, it regenerates and strengthens the body because it contains essential minerals such as calcium , magnesium, potassium, sodium ( but also copper, iron , manganese, zinc , phosphorus, silicon, selenium , cobalt, chromium, lithium , gold. But that is not all : the power of remineralization is enhanced by the presence of amino acids, enzymes , flavonoids , d. vegetable hormones , antioxidants …
It has anthelmintic properties , detergent  and acts on skin diseases caused by disorders of the excretory system .
By its inflammatory action, it is useful if rheumatic pains . With its incredible vitamins , minerals, trace elements and amino acids, it is naturally and revitalizing tonic and helps to upgrade stocks vitamins and minerals depleted during this winter.

The benefits of birch sap to the skin


  • It invigorates , smoothes, firms the skin
  • It brightens the complexion,  cleansing the skin.
  • It energizes and nourishes the skin.
  • It treats rashes.
  • Its purifying action itself helps fight against skin problems ( acne pimples ) .
  • It provides a benefit for cellulite
  • It serves as an antiseptic and external cleaning
  • It purifies the skin. I used it after allergies due to antibiotics that gave me a rash , after 1 week of treatment all my buttons were missing.
  • Relieving the liver in its functioning, this treatment will restore a beautiful luster to the skin a bit dull and prevent pimples . Indeed, the sap has a very effective action against skin diseases which often result dysfunctions excretory systems of the body . It promotes weight loss by reducing water retention and eliminating the toughest cellulite in the thigh and orange peels . The skin is tighter and more supple.
  • The benefits of birch sap for hair
  • It is effective to stop dandruff and reduce hair loss .
  • It stimulates circulation of the scalp allowing the tone .
  • It restores vigor to the hairline thereby fortify .
  • It restores shine to hair.
  • Externally, it would have a real effect on hair growth .

How to make the cure?

The cure Birch sap is recommended in the spring for a period of 21 days, diluted in  a 150 ml glass per day . Personally, I do a cure after the Christmas season and at each change of season.
If you can not find birch sap, you can always make a cure of organic birch juice   sold by Weleda and other organic brands .


The treatment of birch sap

Take 2 ice birch sap in a glass of spring water and it drink 3 times a day .

Birch juice

Dilute 1 tablespoon of birch juice in a glass of water to drink 3 times a day for 21 days. You can also dilute the juice in a bottle of 1.5L and drink throughout the day.
Birch juice tastes bad , if you do not stand you can quite diluted in an infusion .
Massage joints or areas with cellulite
For a natural treatment of dandruff and alopecia ( hair loss) .
Rinse the hair with an infusion of birch leaves which is the recipe: infuse a handful of birch leaves in a liter of boiling water for 20 minutes. Filter . Use lotion to wash the hair and massage the scalp .


For several years I make this treatment and I am totally satisfied. It gives me energy, clean my body and cleanse my skin. It also allowed me to fight against dandruff. Birch sap is one of my best allies natural beauty.


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