Black Beauty News | Beyoncé new social media campaign asks what is pretty?

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Beyonce pretty hurts

To promote her new single “Pretty Hurts”, Beyoncé has launched a social media campaign called what is pretty in which she tries to find out what beauty really is.

In her single “Pretty Hurts”, Beyoncé plays the role of a participant of a beauty pageant who struggles with self-images issues and suffer from eating disorders, we saw her measuring her waist, applying vaseline on her teeth, doing lots of sports to make her appealing. In the behind the scenes video of  « Pretty Hurts » Beyoncé says, “Some of the things young women go through are just really heartbreaking for me.”

In the campaign, Beyoncé is asking her fans to upload images and video on Instagram that answer the question “What is beautiful to you?” with the hashtag #WhatIsPretty.  The best images appears on the website

Check out the site to find out what is beauty throught the eyes of Beyoncé fans.

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