Black Beauty and Fashion | The emergence of an afro-american market & the outbreak of black models

negro market

Black models like Helen Williams and  Naomi Sims helps their peer to do their job. But before the apparition of a black consumer market enable the émergence of black models.

The black consumer market and the change of black women image in advertisement



stereotyped advertising black woman


In late 1940s,  the advertisement that featured black women were based on stereotyped as the mamy working as a servant.

During the post war period, Black newspaper and periodicals ordered multiple market research to track the purchasing power of black consumers. They needed this data to convinced white business to advertise in their media outlet.

Marketers saw the apparition of a black bourgeoisie and stated that the black consumer market was emerging.

Black people in America represent buying power equal or greater than that of the people of Canada’

While making studies marketers went to the conclusion that black consumers respond negatively product  that uses to this stereotyped image of black women in their advertisement. There was a need to use non stereotypicals negro model to reach black consumers. They focus on advertisers to use black models in campaigns. This enable black modelling agencies to be created.


The Creation of Black Magazines and the need of black models

black model america 1940

The advertising industry was struggling to appeal black consumers due to ségrégation.

In 1945 Ebony magazine was created  and started focusing on the black consumer market for their advertising. The head of Johnson Publishing Company that owned Ebony published an article in the advertising journal Advertising Age claiming “the Black consumer market—which even in that era of suffocating segregation had $15 billion worth of buying power—was ‘ripe and ready’ for marker exploitation.”


They convinced white-owned advertising companies to place ad in Ebony featuring black models. This caused a sudden demand of black models‘By spotlighting the Negro market,’ wrote John H. Johnson in his autobiography, ‘we helped create new jobs for Blacks in advertising and related fields. Back then there were no Black ad agencies or Black models. We helped change all that. We stressed the importance of using Black models.’

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