The toothpick from Benin, a natural teeth whitening

tas de cure-dent benin

Using the toothpick called vegetable brush is a custom passed down from generation to generation in Benin for dental hygiene and also used to whiten teeth.

The toothpick is a wooden stick from the Daniellia oliveri which is a tree that grows in the savanna of Benin. The terminology vegetable brush was given by Dr. Djossou in 1985.


It can clean the tooth surface and promote blood circulation in the gums by massaging. Not only it has antibacterial properties, but it has another virtue, by his repeated action it promotes tooth whitening (which can vary depending on the individual)


How to use it?

Grind the end of the stick with your teeth, then soften it in contact with saliva. This may take a few days before the rod tip is soft.

Then go brush your gums to your teeth and finally rub your teeth as you would with a toothbrush.

After each use rinse the stick to tap water and let it dry in the open air.

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