The evolution of Iro and Buba


Photo Credits: Twelve05 Photography 
Model: Oreka Godis (AFWN Brand Ambassador 2015)

Iro and Buba is a traditional outfit worn by Yoruba women in southwest Nigeria.

This is a loincloth made with African print or Ankara tied around the waist (Iro) along with a long sleeved top (Buba).
This traditional outfit worn by Nigerian adults was trendy 50s to early 80s and this style has become a bit “oldish”. In fact, many Nigerian young women dislike wearing iro and buba as it makes them looks like a mom.
Since 2013 and 2014, this style is back in fashion. Thanks to nigerian designer, the iro and buba has been modernised into various styles.

I invite you to discover this great video in which Oreka Godis, Ambassador of Nigeria African Fashion Week 2015, is showing the evolution of this traditional dress during ten decades.

This video demonstrates how this outfit has been shaped through the years by the historical context and the fashion trends. For example, in the 60s, the Iro was worn as a mini-skirt; symbol of the liberation of women

Nowadays, this outfit if worn by both young and old women for important ceremonies like weddings, birthdays and funerals.


tiwa wedding

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage wearing iro and buba for her engagement in 2013.

The trend is the use of transparent chiffon, velvet or multi-colored silk materials.

Buba source- bellanaija

Crédit: bellanaija

The loincloth are shorter in the style of the 60-70s.

Oleku style by Ituen Basi


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  1. I love this Black and Beautiful Thing,it’s bringing we Black or coloured women to our Roots,
    i love all the Year Fashions mostly the Wedding out Fits,
    May The Lord God Bless our Root in Jesus Name,

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