Nadeen Mateky – the hair sculptor

Nadeen Mateky

On the opposite to some african hairdressers working mechanically, Nadeen Mateky is one of those rare hair designers who managed to elevate african hairstyling to art.

Born in Congo, Nadeen acquired her passion for African hairstyle during her childhood in Africa. It was through her grandmother “a woman with a big heart, refined and elegant” that she acquires her expertise. “My grandmother asked me to do her hair and she directed me in gestures to see the delicacy and good work.” It is at the age of 8 years that Nadeen begins to style, and since then, she hasn’t stopped. She made a hairdressing school to perfect her technique and made a decisive encounter which allows her to work in the art industry.

nadeen mateky

She works on different short films, music videos, commercials, TV shows, including Tyra Banks Show for magazines such as Elle and for renowned artists such at Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland and Rita Ora.

nadeen mateky défilé

Creative, she does not just work for this exclusive environment, Nadeen has a vision, she wants to perpetuate our history so that it is not forgotten. So she organizes exhibitions on the theme of African queens. She draws her inspiration from her roots, her origins, the African queens, African traditional hairstyles. Her love of Afro hair is the source of her motivation: “Coarse hair is my root, my origins, my pride and wealth I love it that’s why I am doing these creations.”

nadeen mateky creation capillaire

Hair Styliste, Make Up & Stylisme:  Mateky Nadeen
Model: Joby Smith

nadeen mateky creation capillaire


Nadeen has a busy schedule, she will be in Luxembourg on 4 and 5 June for The Beautiful Pindi Lux to present a show and conferences on afro hair, she is preparing an exhibition for the event Africa Montmartre from 21 June to 3. From 15 to 19 July, she will be in Togo for Lomé international cosmetic and beauty salon then in Kinshasa from 12 to 14 august for UJANA Fashion.

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