Our 2020 Black Girl Gift Guide

Black Girl Gift Guide

Christmas, a birthday or an anniversary is coming and you don’t know which gift to choose for the black girl or black woman in your life? Do you struggle finding a gift that represents your loved ones? Do you feel frustrated not to be represented properly in gifts stores? 

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We provide with lovingly made unique gifts for black women  that celebrates black girls’ unique beauty. Whether it’s your mother, sister, friend, girlfriend or wife, you can be sure that your loved one will be happy to receive a gift in which she is so beautifully represented. 

Here is our black girl gift guide: 

Our Gifts for Black Women

Offer her a piece of art

black woman art print

Our art prints are ideal to decorate a home. They look great in the hall, living area and bedroom. They bring a little flair and support an interior decor. Because black women are not represented properly in the media, our print are made to celebrates of black women. Each print have different vibe and style, they can either relax or make people dream. They are affordable, ranging from £15 or £20. You also have the option to order custom illustration to give an more unique gift.

Shop illustration art prints

Our Birthday Gifts for Black Girls

Celebrate her birthday with style

There is nothing better than giving a personalised gift with an illustration that represents the recipient of the gift. Our birthday cards are bold and empowering. They show a pictorial representation of your special person and will add a great vibe to their birthday celebrations

Shop black girl birthday cards

Offer a Black Woman Tote Bag

african american tote bags

Offer a creative gift with your tote bags. We’ve got some really cool designs.

Shop African American Tote Bags

Our Christmas Gifts for Black Girls

Add some sparkle for Christmas

Celebrate the festive spirit of love and black women with our Christmas cards. They celebrate beauty, black art and black girl magic. Sold in individually or in set, we also offers luxury cards that are bespoke with shinny glitters and embellishment.

Price £2.30 to £5.99

Shop African American Christmas Cards

A Black Girl Magic Calendars to decorate her home or office

Black girls rocks! This is the motto of these calendars. Each one of them contains 13 fashion illustrations celebrating black girls. Each month has a different vibe, outfit, hairstyle and background. But each month have something in common, making you dream, and feeling empowered.

They are sold in in two sizes A3 and A5. A3 calendar is ideal to decorate a wall and the A5 is perfect to add on a desk. At the end of each month, she can cut the illustration and turn it into an art print.

Price: £10.99 to £15.99

Shop the African American Calendars

Black Girl Mugs

Our mugs are a must-have, empowering black girls while having a nice cuppa!

Shop the mugs

Buying a black girl gift is undoubtedly the best way to support small businesses made for and by black women. Take a look at our shop!

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