Our 2021 Black Girl Gift Guide: 16 Gifts for Black Women by Black Women

Black Girl Gift Guide

Christmas, a birthday or an anniversary is coming and you don’t know which gift to choose for the black women or black girls in your life?  Do you struggle finding a gift that represents your loved ones? Do you feel frustrated not to be represented properly in gifts stores? 

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We provide with lovingly made unique gifts for black women  that celebrates black girls’ unique beauty. Whether it’s your mother, sister, friend, girlfriend or wife, you can be sure that your loved one will be happy to receive a unique gift that represents her so beautifully.  We have created a black girl gift guide which include the perfect gifts ideas from black-owned businesses in beauty, self-care and fashion.

Scroll down to discover our list of gifts for black women:

Our Gifts for Black Women

Offer her a piece of art

black woman art print

Our art prints are ideal to decorate a home. They look great in the hall, living area and bedroom. They bring a little flair and support an interior decor. Because black women are not represented properly in the media, our print are made to celebrates them. Each print have different vibe and style, they can either relax or make people dream. They are affordable, ranging from £15 or £20. You also have the option to order custom illustration to give an more unique gift.

Shop illustration art prints

Offer her own portrait

black woman personalised portrait

A picture is worth a thousand words. Spoil her with a unique gift that will make her feel special.

Simply send her photo and we will turn it into a beautiful illustration.

Shop personalised portrait

The Black Women’s Choice to Scent the Home

rock salt soy candle

She will feel like she is floating away on the shoreline with this hand-poured soy wax candle. Sparkling rock salt and smooth driftwood refresh with a touch of floral and woody base notes. Every black woman needs time to unwind and relax. Make her home a haven of calm, bringing memories of days by the sea. Last for 45+ hours for day after day of pure enjoyment.

Shop Rock Salt & Driftwood Soy Candle

Our Birthday Gifts for Black Girls

Celebrate her birthday with style

black girl birthday card

There is nothing better than giving a personalised gift with an illustration that represents the recipient of the gift. Our birthday cards are bold and empowering. They show a pictorial representation of your special person and will add a great vibe to their birthday celebrations

Shop black girl birthday cards

Offer a Black Girl Notebook

black girl boss notebook

Whether she’s a boss, a creative or a student, you will find the perfect notebooks for her to write down her thoughts, ideas, goals or dreams.

This notebook is also great to takes notes from school, make list, journaling and much more.

Each notebook has a cover featuring a creative illustration of a black girl that will suit different style and goals.

Shop Black Art Notebooks

Our Gifts for Little Black Girls

A Calendar celebrating little black girls

little black girl gift

We know little black girls are not represented in most gift stores. This is why we created this special calendar to celebrate their beauty and innocence. Each image will make them dream.

Shop little black girl calendar

Our Christmas Gifts for Black Girls

Add some sparkle for Christmas

african american christmas cards

Celebrate the festive spirit of love and black women with our Christmas cards. They celebrate beauty, black art and black girl magic. Sold in individually or in set, we also offers luxury cards that are bespoke with shinny glitters and embellishment.

Price £3.49 to £5.99

Shop African American Christmas Cards

A Black Girl Magic Calendars to decorate her home or office

black girl magic calendar

Black is Beautiful ! Black girls rocks! These are the motto of these calendars. Each one of them contains 13 fashion illustrations celebrating black girls and natural hair. Each month has a different vibe, outfit, hairstyle and background. But each month have something in common, making you dream, and feeling empowered.

They are sold in in two sizes A3 and A5. A3 calendar is ideal to decorate a wall and the A5 is perfect to add on a desk. At the end of each month, she can cut the illustration and turn it into an art print.

Price: £11.99 to £17.99

Shop the African American Calendars

Black Girl Mugs

black girl mug

The perfect holiday gifts for those cold days. Our mugs are a must-have, empowering black girls while having a nice cuppa!

Shop the mugs

Every Black Girl Can Find Her Inner Stillness

himalayan pink bath salt

For the black girl that is always on the go. Show her how to make time for herself with these Himalayan Pink Bath Salts blended with gorgeous essential oils. It combines patchouli to ground her, grapefruit for a little lift and frankincense for a sense of deep relaxation. A stunning combination to promote calm and feel good.

Shop Frankincense grapefruit patchouli

The Black Girls’ Perfect Skin Boost

face cream for black women

Every black girl needs a moisture boost in her life and this one works from head to toe. It is super gentle organic shea butter and jojoba oil with no preservatives. Massage into skin for the ultimate softness and relief from skin troubles. It is even anti-aging and helps firm up skin. Choose the kind unscented version or the scent of invigorating grapefruit and balancing myrrh.

Shop Shea and Jojoba Oil Butter

The Magical Glow to Enhance Her Skin

natural glow cleansing oil

Add to her inner magic with a touch of Natural Glow Cleansing Oil. This is made purely from plants to match the black girl’s natural aura. It is packed with uplifting aromatherapy oils to lift impurities and dirt from the skin. The perfect luxury gift to make any black girl feel good with a gorgeous smell. A holistic cleanser that really works and adds to her true beauty. 

Shop Natural Glow Cleansing Oil

The Ultimate Accessory for Black Girls

earring brass

Handcrafted from gorgeously radiant brass, these earrings add a touch of glamour to her wardrobe. The stunning choice of matt brass adds a soft gleam to her skin and adds to her unique qualities. She can wear them all day; they look as impressive with jeans as dressed up for the evening. Matching any personal style, these earrings look elegant on any girl.

Shop half moon earring brass

The Perfect Black Girl Statement Piece

statement necklace

For the black girl who has something to say, loud and proud. This stunning statement necklace offers so many personalisation options to customise it perfectly to her. Select the positive word that represents her with true meaning and choose from eight fonts. Then pick from gold, rose gold or silver metal to create the ultimate necklace.

Shop statement necklace

Cool Personalised Water Bottle

personalised bottle flask

Make sure she stays chilled wherever she goes. This gorgeous drinks bottle is the perfect home, office or gym accessory for every black girl. Offered in four different colours from matt black to chrome rose gold, there are options to suit her style to perfection. Personalise this with her name for a stunning gift she will use every day of the year.

Shop bottle flask

The Black Girl’s Perfect Headwear Accessory

black girl headwrap

The HIWA turban wrap is a stunning floral design reminiscent of mid-century black girl glamour. Created with elegant coloured satin, it is chic style for events from weddings to parties. Its bespoke design ensures you can choose her favourite colour and make it personal. Show her true radiance with this exquisite accessory.

Shop Hawa headwrap

Buying a black girl gift is undoubtedly the best way to support small businesses made for and by black women. Browse our range of black girl Christmas Gifts!

what gift is good for a 50th black woman

– A birthday card
– A personalised birthday book
– A scented candle
– A necklace

what is a great gift for a black woman

– A personalised gift such as a portrait
– A Perfume

20th birthday ideas black girl

– A photoshoot
– A smartphone
– A self-care book

15th birthday ideas for black girl

– A book about self-confidence
– Inspirational books
– A notebook
– A calendar
– A custom sweatshirt

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