African American Christmas Cards

Our collection of African American Christmas Cards celebrates the festive spirit of love and black women across the world. Handcrafted and designed by artist Doria-Adoukè, each card is illustrated with a fashion design.  We offer two types of cards, printed and bespoke, to suit every budget. They are sold individually or in set of 5 cards. Send festive greetings to your family and friends with our African American Christmas Cards. Complete this collection with our calendars.

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Check out our wide collection of African American Christmas cards, the perfect gift for the black women you know and love. Our brand celebrates beauty, black art and black girl magic in a colourful yet sophisticated manner. Don't miss out!


The Christmas cards are printed on A4 paper folded into two which make it a A5. Each card is printed on one size to let you have the freedom to write a special message to your loved-one.

How are the bespoke cards made?

Each Christmas card is designed with a fashion illustration by black French artist Doria-Adoukè. She specially embellished each card with jewellery and glitter. Our glamorous features include 3D touch.

Can the Mahogany Christmas cards be framed?

Each bespoke card is specially made to be a unique and luxurious gift. Not only it can be framed but it’s made with a thick paper to stand on its own. Whether they are African, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latino, or African American, you can be sure that the person you present the card to, will be proud to be so elegantly represented. Discover our lovely collection of Mahogany Cards including our chic African Christmas cards and black girl Christmas cards. .

How does the pre-order work?

Buy the cards today and on the 6th of December, all the cards will be shipped so you can receive them right before Christmas. As each card is sent from the UK, we will send the items early to be sure US, Brasilian and Canadian customers receive everything on time.

Which countries are you shipping to?

We are shipping in the US, Canada, Brasil  and Europe. We are working on shipping in more countries, so if you are from a country that is not on the list, please contact us and we will do our best to ship there.

Do you do custom Christmas cards?

We do, you can get more information on our custom Christmas cards page. If you have any questions regarding the Mahogany Christmas cards, please contact us using our contact form. 

do you sell other christmas gifts?

Yes,  we sell African American calendars, iphone cases, mugs, travel mugs, notebooks and art prints

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All international orders will be shipped with a tracking number unless it's standard shipping. We cannot be held responsible for any lost items on standard shipping.

Christmas cards can only be shipped with Art print, calendars and greeting cards, other items will be shipped separately.

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