Cucumber facial softener from Angola

concombre visage

Hey beauties,

Here is a cucumber juice recipe that comes from Angola, it is ideal for moisturising the face.

Grate a cucumber with its skin.

Reclaim liquid and discard the flesh.

Put everything in a glass bottle and keep the mixture in the refrigerator for a week.


Use cucumber juice as face lotion after cleaning the skin before moisturising.

You can also apply it on your face when your skin is dry.

Cucumber juice can be used as a facial mask to keep all night, three nights in a row.


Cucumber benefits for the skin

Cucumber is cold and very rich in water, which gives it a toning and moisturising effect. Applied as a mask or as a softener, it rehydrates the upper layers of the epidermis. It smoothes, relaxes and refreshes the skin while allowing it to eliminate toxins and reduce dander. Cucumber skin has also antioxidant properties.

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