Black Beauty and Fashion | Donyale Luna, the first black model on the cover of Vogue magazine


Helen Williams and Naomi Sims helped black women to pursue their career as a model. In 60’s in America, young black woman called Donyale Luna enable black models to gain success, she did not open the doors of fashion but made it wider. She is the first black model to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine. A unique model with a tragic fate.

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Black beauty and fashion | The premise of a love/hate relationship

les mannequins noirs tyra banks ima naomi campbell noemie le noire

On the occasion of Fashion Week and following the last controversy over the low number of black models on the catwalk, I wondered what is the place of black beauty in the cutthroat world of modelling. What allows black women access to modelling? Who are the influential black models? What are their contributions?

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